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"...pick up a simple kit of spiritual tools..."
Why Attend a Weekend Retreat?
  • Find the spiritual heart of A.A.  Old Time Recovery!
  • Take the 12 Steps as the A.A. founders taught...in one day!
  • 93% success - If we do what they did, we can expect to get what they got.
  • Learn the meaning of being RECOVERED.
  • How does it work? Real Good!

What's New?18
March 8, 2016

  • Clarence Snyder talk (first 35 minutes) with a slide show  CLICK HERE  (Produced by April Shaffner. THANK YOU!)
  • New Retreats starting in Northern Ireland, Iowa and Moneylands in Ireland.
  • The number of retreats has now reached 31 in the US and British Isles!  More coming soon?  Contact us.
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Those who know A.A. history freely concede that the principles of "sponsorship" and "rotating leadership" can be attributed to Clarence Snyder. (more)

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