Grace and Clarence Snyder celebrating his 41st AA
anniversary in Orlando
- February 11, 1979

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What's New?

Liz with the Bottle family. Click for copies of her 12 Rights and 12 Problems.

Links to photo galleries are now on the "more Info" page of each retreat listed on the retreat schedule. Older pictures are still on the billboard.

New! A 12 Step workbook. Designed for personal use or for sponsors to use in taking others through the Steps. See it here.

The Clarence Snyder Legacy

One A.A. archivist called him "abrasive." Other AAs called him "controversial." Still others knew he had no love for the Twelve Traditions. And, at one point in his life, he was the subject of a number of "hate mail" epithets.

And yet...

Those who know A.A. history freely concede that the principles of "sponsorship" and "rotating leadership" can be attributed to Clarence Snyder. Bill Wilson several times commented on the astonishing growth of early A.A. in Cleveland from one group to thirty groups in a year's time (click here to finish).

The Legacy of Dale Morfitt...

Sometimes it is hard to be mindful of a mighty oak while standing alone in the shade of its branches. But when a vast number of people gather together under one tree, with its shade stretching out still far beyond, it becomes apparent... the significance of its size. So it was at the service for Dale Morfitt who died January 28, 2007.

It was good to see so many faces at the celebration of his life. Many faces that through Dale Morfitt, had become my caring friends and loved ones. His family glowed with a covering of peace and grace that only comes from the infilling and anointing of the Holy Spirit. A convoy of cars formed a lengthy procession that extended down the hill beyond view. A picture board was set up in the receiving room. One picture stood out most to me. A picture of Dale standing midway up a long, white staircase. He was looking down, waving and smiling. Serenity settled over me as my eyes embraced this picture (click here to finish).

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