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Lives are changed by connecting spiritual belief and the 12 Steps.

To make available to ALL people the way of recovery taught by the founders of A.A.
 -- resulting in life-changing experiences.

We are a group of recovered AAs, NAs and family members who are committed to carrying the message we were taught by the earliest members of A.A. This message was the foundation of recovery in the early days of A.A. in the Akron/Cleveland area and was carried faithfully by Dr. Bob and Anne Smith, Clarence and Grace Snyder and many others.

Came to Believe retreat leaders have many years of continuous sobriety... one beginning in January 1964, and most have over 15 years. The Promises have become a reality for us. The Retreats are all operated on a non-profit or break-even basis as a part of our desire to give back a portion of the blessings we have received.

Came To Believe Retreats center on the 12 Steps, just as the founders taught and followed them.

About us

Those who know A.A. history freely concede that the principles of "sponsorship" and "rotating leadership" can be attributed to Clarence Snyder. (more)

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