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Brought to you by those who have recovered from a hopeless state -
with help from 12 step authors

Our A.A. Legacy to the Faith Community

Three A.A. old-timers and their wives tell precisely what they learned from their sponsor, Clarence H. Snyder. These authors have taken hundreds through the Twelve Steps. In this 100+ page workbook they present the spiritual history of pioneer A.A., the materials AAs borrowed from the Bible and the Oxford Group, and show how to take the Twelve Steps in an afternoon. 

They have shown, and here demonstrate for you, how people can with certainty “come to believe” what the Creator can and will do in curing alcoholics and their families of alcoholism’s curse. You can use the guide for your personal Step work, or give copies to your sponsees when you take them through their Steps.

 - Available for $5.00 each (Quantity: 1 to 99)
 - Special: A box of 100 for $450
 - Postage included within the continental United States
 - CLICK HERE to read the AA Legacy Guide online or to download a copy (2018 Edition)

          To Order "Our A.A. Legacy" Guides


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These little blue booklets are wonderful to hand to a newcomer at a meeting, or at retreats. They can be purchased for $1.00 each plus postage by contacting Steve Foreman at the above address.


At the request of several newcomers, we've provided this certificate for sponsors or leaders who wish to verify that the newcomer has completed the workbook.Click Here to download a printable PDF of the certificate.

This AA History buff and author sincerely hopes that this pre-AA history booklet will raise your interest in the origins of our program.  He has given us permission to post his book here and he hopes you will reprint the pages to share.  You can order a full color, glossy finished copy directly from him for $7.00 or 10+ copies for $6.00 each plus postage.  Contact him directly:  

Bob Stonebraker, 
212 SW 18th St,
Richmond, IN 47374  
(765) 935-0130,


About us

Those who know A.A. history freely concede that the principles of "sponsorship" and "rotating leadership" can be attributed to Clarence Snyder. (more)

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